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Build application centric private wireless networks with innovate5G’s in5G Store.
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Test, benchmark and certify your application on live wireless network test beds, remotely.

Publish to the marketplace for deployment to wireless networks in myriad industries - enterprise, industrial, real estate, healthcare, education, financial, entertainment and many more.
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At innovate5G we pride ourselves in the ecosystem we create.

At innovate5G we pride ourselves in the ecosystem we create.

“A specialist in each home” – that is our mission. We sincerely believe that “hospital has left the building” and it is time to “democratize healthcare”. innovate5G and their in5Genius platform with access to 5G test networks is helping us build a robust connectivity play for remote medical access.



We rely on wireless connectivity and our Breathe Well Being platform to connect our subscribers to certified diabetes coaches. innovate5G keeps us at the cutting edge of wireless connectivity with their 5G test platform, in5Genius .

Breathe Well Being